4the Ppl (Pronounced it as For the People) is an initiative started by Nilesh Vasave, who is an Computer Professional with almost 20 years of experience behind him. Since the technology is everywhere and we use it in every part of our lives. The idea here is to build a community of technocrats, Software developers, IT Professionals and people who are interested in technology to give back to our communities. Technocrats and geeks working on social, environmental and civic projects. Try to find solutions or make life easy for people who work in these areas. 

The idea here is NOT to provide solutions which we think is right as technocrats, but to work WITH the people on the ground, who works in these areas day in/day out and help them find solutions of their issues using technologies.

If you are a technocrat or software developer or working in social, environmental or civic sector and have ideas which we can help you with please feel free to contact us.